Unplugged and Relaxed.

The best thing about summer is that there is always something to do. I always feel so much relief when the heat starts and the snow melts, because it means we will see our friends a lot more.

This weekend, we took a last minute trip up to Jared’s family cabin. They’ve had in their family for a really long time and it’s always a good time to go up there. Dogs aren’t allowed up there, so we dropped the pups off at my parents. Indie and Shia get so excited when we pull up at my parents house. They get all drooly and giddy, it’s pretty cute. It’s also nice to have a night without the pups, mostly because then Jared and I can cuddle without having Indie in between us. He’s so needy.

Camping Couple

Anyway, the cabin is about 45 minutes from our house. Close enough to be spontaneous, far enough to feel like we were able to get away. Jared’s little brother came up too, so it was just the three of us and it was so much fun. I felt like it was a solid way to reboot and I always feel like I am connecting with Jared’s youth when I’m up there. Since he’s been coming up most his life, it’s fun to do things he did as a kid. Something about family traditions that bring out the kid in everyone.

When we first arrived we did some yardwork and then watched a few movies. After Clayton got up there we made a fire and cooked some bratwursts for dinner. It was probably close to midnight when our dinner was finally done, because we had some spearing issues with the bratwursts. We also watered the lawn and made worms come out, so we could catch them for fishing bait tomorrow. Have you ever caught “wild” worms? Mostly just worms that are in the dirt. They are so fast! I’m used to catching worms on the cement after a long rain storm, not worms in the dirt. Those little buggers can haul. We caught about 6 which I thought was very good. I would spot them, Jared would catch them and Clayton was holding them. We make a good team. Jared told me he used to sell worms for $1 a dozen, how cute is that? Probably not a great return on your hard work though. Those 6 worms probably took us 20 minutes to catch.

We stayed up late watching old Westerners and I fell asleep on the couch with my kindle in my hand.

The next morning we woke up, watched Dumb & Dumber then drove down to the river and got out our fishing gear. We caught 5 fish! Jared caught 4 and Clayton caught 1. I caught 0, but did get through a good portion of my book, which was fine by me.

To end our spectacular weekend, we drove up to this rope swing and laughed so hard as Clayton tried to take a selfie as he was swinging.

How was your weekend?

I’m glad I’m not a Pioneer.

Today is Pioneer Day here in Utah, which is an awesome Holiday where the road to your office gets blocked off by a huge parade and therefor you get the day off. The real reason behind Pioneer Day is Brigham Young (President of the Mormon Church) came in with his pioneer crew and was like “Yeah, totally this looks like a solid place to settle”. They went on to settle the shit out of the state of Utah and for that I am grateful. Mostly because I love Utah, extra holidays and days off from work.

In celebration I will tell you all the reasons I’m glad that I was not a pioneer.

+ I love walking bare foot. I’m pretty sure that is not a luxury when you’re a pioneer, it’s more of a cruel cruel punishment.
+ Heat stroke hits me quick and hard. I’ve had a few tough battles with heat stroke, which is pretty much where your body can’t control it’s internal temperature. I’ll have a fever of 103 and then drop to low 90′s. It’s a mix of sweat and shivers. It’s messy and makes me cry a lot. Anyway, traveling while pulling a wagon with heat stroke… I’d probably off myself.
+ I am pretty sure my dad passed his bad stomach on to me. He gets horrible pains for no reason and the doctors have never been able to figure out why. Mine hasn’t ever put me in the ER, but I have woken up bawling because my stomach hurts so terribly bad. I can at least take a bath, get some meds and watch reruns until I feel better. All 3 of those things, not possible for a pioneer.
+ Blogging wasn’t a thing for pioneers and that’s really sad.
+ Just state the obvious here, but hello… what about technology? Pioneers pulled wagons in the heat all day long and then to relax the only entertainment they had were the horse and I bet the horses were tired too. They definitely weren’t watching the RSL game like I am right now.
+ When I camp I bring a tent, cot, extra blankets, memoir foam pillow and pajamas and that’s “roughing it”. These dudes and dudettes were not curling up in a sleeping bag.
+ P.S. It wasn’t always hot, it also was really cold. Everything about being cold sucks. EVERYTHING.


Pioneer Day

Why are you happy about NOT being a pioneer?

3 things that bring me to tears

I have an expressive personality. Which I’m pretty sure goes hand in hand with being somewhat emotional.

 3 things that bring me to tears

+ The song Pompeii by Bastille, every time I hear it I get incredibly sad. Why? Well I immediately think of all those people that are just frozen in time. “We were caught up and lost in all of our vices. In your pose as the dust settled around us” <— SO SAD!

+ I can’t handle when homeless people have dogs. Jared tries to convince me that it’s probably the best companionship, because they are together all the time. In my head all I can think about is Shia and Indie and how they deserve to have to eat everyday and get out of the elements. It doesn’t hurt that they also have memory foam beds…

+ Roadkill, I hate seeing roadkill. We live up on a mountain and when I see dead deers (quite often) it makes me so sad. However when I spot little squirrels and skunks just splattered on the road well the tears start to flow!

What “random” thing makes you tear up?

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Guide to SnapChat

Snapchat. Snapchat is a new game for me. I’ve had it for a few months, but have only really been using it the past two weeks. It’s quickly becoming a favorite in my “social” folder. I tried to get Jared to download it, so I could send him risky photos – but for some reason he has yet to download the app.

Instead I just snap my three best friends (as declared by Snapchat).

Since I’m obviously a snapchat pro, here’s my easy 6 step guide to snapchat.

1. If you’re snapchatting a married woman and the only snaps you’re sending are in bed shirtless. I’ll block you.

2. Snapchat isn’t text. You shouldn’t feel obligated to snap back and forth all day long. It’s more of an updater “look at this killer sunset” “I’m eating a burrito” “My kid has a hilarious hair do”.. all those updates are acceptable and I prefer a constant stream of them.

3. If you only snapchat selfies, you’re doing it wrong. Unless all those selfies have hilarious drawings on them…

4. Snapchat stories are entertaining, you should definitely make those. It’s kind of fun to see a story, since they are longer and stick around for 24 hours.

5. I’m pretty sure Snapchat was developed to send nudies back and forth, so if you’re into that thing. It’s cool.

6. Be creative, it’s so boring to snap people who put no effort into their snaps. Take photos of whatever, whenever. Just do it.

Thoughts that you need to hear.

I have some thoughts that I am going to share with you.

1. Life is incredibly hard. I listen to stories from my brothers, my grandma, my husband, my mom and of course, my own. It’s hard and I think everyone deserves to know at least that.

2. I haven’t washed my hair in 6 days. I’m not sure if I’m impressed by myself and my hair or just really grossed out.

3. Our carrots that I was SO excited for didn’t survive the heat wave last weekend. Now we only have 3 carrots growing instead of the 60 prior.

4. Shia has a rash on her belly. It’s been there for about 3 weeks and just looks so painful. I spent $60 on “special” dog crème that is supposed to help. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that, but I think everyone expects it from me. I should just own it.

5. This day is far too long.

6. I might be a gangsta.

7. I really love Shakira. I listen to her spanish CD on my way home and scream all the words even though, I am not sure what they are.

8. I am extremely impressed with myself. My mirror was knocked off 2 weeks ago and ON MY OWN I ordered a new mirror and installed it. It’s now my favorite part of my car.

Have a GREAT weekend!!