Anniversaries are for squares.

Today is a very special day, today is National Dog Day… and our anniversary. Okay, I really didn’t know it was National Dog Day until I looked an my Instagram and I’m not sure if National Dog Day falls on the 26th of August every year, but if it does, we definitely chose the right day to get married. I had planned a different post for today, but yesterday, I fell asleep at 8pm and didn’t wake up until 8am today. I haven’t been feeling well and apparently my body really needed a solid 12 hours of sleep.

I still wanted to incorporate my man-hubsand into this post, since it is our anniversary, so I emailed him (such a lame way to communicate – I know) and asked him to answer these 5 questions and told him I’d do the same. This is us pre-gaming for our anniversary. The real party will start tonight… we’re going shopping, grabbing so take out and headed to the drive-in movies. I can’t wait for an interrupted evening of Jared-Miki fun.


Jared Says:

What is your favorite memory from our wedding?  
-The wedding itself was pretty epic. My cousin Derek got married up at the Deer Valley resort several years prior and his wedding was crazy expensive – I remembered thinking just before the ceremony how similar our set up was and how insane the view was with the huge mountains and the water fall. I’d have to say the best part was just being able to provide a huge amazing house to stay in all weekend with friends and family.

Does it feel like we’ve been married for longer than 3 years or shorter?
-Definitely longer.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of me?
-I always try to tell myself never to be embarrassed about anything. Miki is one of the least judgmental people I know so that has been easy to do.  But I’d have to say, I was a little embarrassed the first night staying at her parents 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo in Mazatlan. I had to use the toilet and had no idea that water pressure there is NON existent. After clogging the toilet I had to go out and ask Miki, in front of her family, where I can find a toilet plunger.

What’s one thing you would have change about our wedding?
-The one regret I have about our wedding is the chaotic parking, if I could go back I would probably have figured out a way to pay for better shuttle service to and from the parking lot.

What’s your number one marriage tip?
- Make the best of your time together (dates, vacations, etc) and make the best of your time apart.


Miki Says:

What is your favorite memory from our wedding?
We had a 2 day wedding, so we rented the cabin for the whole weekend. We were leaving for the Bahamas bright and early on Sunday morning or we would have stayed up and hung out with our friends/family on Saturday night. We had roommates at the time and the roommates were both up at the cabin until Sunday, so our house was supposed to be empty. One of our roommates had a dog and had his mom taking care of the dog for the weekend. When we arrived home, we heard people in the house and started to get kind of freaked out. Then our roommates mom and sister popped up and explained how sorry they were for “crashing our wedding night”.  We laughed and reassured them that it wasn’t a big deal. As we were talking to them Jared realized he forgot his phone at the cabin. He called (from my phone) a vendor that was at our wedding and asked them to bring it down the canyon and he left to go retrieve his phone. For the next hour or so, I sat on the ground in my wedding dress talking to our roommates mom and sister. They stayed until Jared came back home :)

Does it feel like we’ve been married for longer than 3 years or shorter?
Longer, I don’t remember not being married to my main squeeze.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of me?
I feel like I embarrass myself all the time. I felt really embarrassed the other night. We went to dinner with some friends and I thought I was being funny to the waiter, but I was later informed that I was actually being really rude. I didn’t mean it all, but when I thought about it later I could see the line between funny and rude had been crossed. I felt really embarrassed that Jared had to sit and put up with me for that whole dinner.

What’s one thing you would have change about our wedding?
Parking. I agree with Jared 100%. We also planned and organized everything, from the chairs to the ceremony so we had a lot on our plates. The day before our wedding, I made a seating chart for our catered dinner. I totally forgot to put 4 of our really good friends on the chart and they didn’t see their names and didn’t think we wanted them there for that portion, so they left. I have felt guilty about that since the moment it happened.

What’s your number one marriage tip?
Make sure that you remember how to be a girlfriend/boyfriend even after you’re married. It keeps the relationship fun and makes you both feel like you’re man/woman is still chasing you. Everyone likes to be chased.

Camping Hacks

On Saturday we leave for our 3rd annual Lake Powell trip on the Dessert Delight, double D. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law purchased a time share on this house boat 2 years ago and we’ve gone down the past 2 labor days and this one will make the third. Lake Powell is an incredible place, I’m sure I’ve expressed my love for it before, but really it is one of my favorite places on earth… and I’ve been to the bahamas.



Since we usually have a large group going down, we have the houseboat as base and then most couples usually bring tents and we camp on shore. There are two bedrooms on the houseboat and a bathroom, so we get all the amenities, but we can have a much larger group go if we do it this way. Since we’re on year three of this adventure, I thought I’d share some hacks to make our incredible trip even more incredible.

Lake Powell Hacks

+ Ivory soap is the only soap that floats. If you’re planning to bathe and shower in the lake, bring this soap. Your time is much more valuable then spending an afternoon diving for soap that sank.

+ If you are sleeping in a tent, bring a fan, this is the one we have. There is nothing worse than waking up in a hot tent or trying to take a nap when it’s a million degrees. Just trust me on this one, you’ll be thankful. Also bring EXTRA batteries.

+ General camping tip, but use cots, they’re much better than an air mattress. You don’t have to spend time clearing out all of the rocks, because you’re sleeping far above them. It’s much easier on your back and you’ll feel like a baby being cradled, all wins!

+ Buy a clip on mirror. I think this comes in the most handy for me, because I wear contacts. I hate trying to make my way into the houseboat through my blurred vision, I always end up with bruises and cuts. It’s nice to be able to have a mirror to see what monstrosity my hair has become AND get my contacts in.

+ Plan activities. The first year down we had the newlywed game, each couple played and we planned ahead brought a mic and even had a host prepped with questions. We had our newlywed age night toward the end of the trip and we all really looked forward to it. Last year we had a “pirates ball”, we all brought pirate gear and talked like pirates for the whole evening. It was super simple, but it makes the trip more memorable. This year our theme is the Kentucky Derby and we have each couple planning an activity. Mine and Jared’s is hilarious… (stay tuned)

+ Watershoes are a must. flip flops are great, but they tend to get stuck in the sand and if you’re boating and decide to stop and cliff jump… flip flops are your worst enemy.

+ With our group of friends we do community shopping, which works out really well. We all meal plan and pay one couple who does the shopping for the food then all the other couples take a meal during the trip to prepare and serve. We usually print off a paper with who is doing what meal i.e. Saturday Lunch- Miki/ J- PB&J’s. This makes it easy to see what ingredients we need and what day we need to make sure we’re at the boat to prep food.

+ J and I have an action packer, where we keep everything we need for camping: sunscreen, lanterns, headlamps, matches, etc. We can keep the items in here year-round and just grab it and go!

+ Girl Tip: I hate wearing my hair in pony tails, but it’s hard to manage while camping. I pack a lot of headbands, which are cute and easy or I wear hats.

+ Girl Tip 2: Make-up doesn’t exist for us on these trips, but there is always tons of photos being taken. I like to get my eye lashes dyed before the trip, it makes it look like I’m wearing mascara and it’s cheaper than eye lash extensions.


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What camping hacks do you have?

Dreams Vs. Reality


(My Mom and I)

I woke up this morning from a crazy dream. I had a dream my mom was pregnant and for whatever reason, I was alone with her at her house when she went into labor. We had to take my dad’s truck, which in real life is an automatic, but in dream life it was a manual.

Also, instead of living in Suburbia like real life, they lived in a cabin in the mountains. Apparently their cabin didn’t have roads to civilization, so we hop in the 5-speed truck and start going down the mountain. There is so much chaos in the truck, it’s just my mom and I. She’s screaming in pain and I’m trying to shift from gear to gear all while we’re trying to conquer a muddy mountain. The truck is slipping, at some points it’s side-wise. I keep looking over and my mom has huge eyes and her one hand won’t leave her big pregnant belly, the other hand is wrapped tightly around the truck’s “oh shit” handle.

I’m trying to keep my cool, but I know that everything is on my shoulders. I have to get her to the hospital safe and in order to do that we have to make it down this mountain.

I crashed. The truck went completely on it’s side and all the sudden my brothers, dad and Jared are all there trying to pull us out. When I get out of the truck, I see my mom, she’s fine. The truck is smashed and then I woke up.

It was the weirdest dream.

I got out of bed, washed my face, did my hair, put on some clothes and took the dogs out. As I’m leaving for work, I look in my fish tank and say hi to my little underwater besties. I see the fire fish,I see the Goby, I see one sea horse…. but where is the other sea horse? I look and look, but don’t see him anywhere. Damn Jane, where are you?

Finally I see a little sea horse head poking out of the pump. In a panic, I drop my purse and shove my hand in the tank. I pull apart the pump and start to gently pull the sea horse out. Her little body was squished, but she was still in good health. Eventually I was able to maneuver her out and she grabbed onto some sea weed, where she happily ate some breakfast. That last part was not a dream. That’s real life, people.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.40.58 PM

An Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday we got a letter from our HOA saying that our Jet Ski couldn’t be in our driveway. We own the house, but for whatever reason, we are not able to keep a jet ski on our own driveway. Who know with HOA, they can be so awesome and yet so awful. We made a quick decision to move the weight room, which is currently in our garage, down to “my bedroom”. The bedroom downstairs which is “mine” was my photo studio, which I was using for Cheezedogs (my pet photography business). Unfortunately, my business really hasn’t taken up much of my time. I haven’t done a shoot in a few months, so it made sense to transform it into the weight room, which Jared used every single day.

Anyway, that was a long drawn out intro to my story. We had the outside bedroom door open, so instead of going through the house we were able to go outside and in through the basement. At some point J and I were in the garage, grabbed a handful of weights and headed downstairs. When we got there, there was a small child in the bedroom. I had no idea what to do, he was probably 6-ish and turned around with a huge smile.

“What are you guys doing?”
“We’re moving things from our garage into here”
“The HOA is mad at us and going to charge us lots of money.”
“Oh, do you want to play a game?”

Keep in mind,  I don’t have a lot of children etiquette. I’ve never really been around children and I don’t feel like I’m naturally good at it.

“Sure, what do you want to play?”
“THIS!” (pointing at the foozball table)

We played for a few minutes and then he shocked me with this..

“Hey – you should probably go home and let your parents know where you are.”
“They know I’m at the park!” (Our backdoor opens to the park)
“Okay, well your mom might be worried, if she doesn’t see you outside.”
“Well, it’s just my mom, my dad left when I was a baby, because he was really mean.”


“Okay, let’s play another game. Do you want a glass of water or a string cheese?” Desperately trying to change the topic.
“Nope, I’m okay.

Then this child, I never asked his name, continued to play and follow J and I around the house. He was at my house for a solid 40 minutes, before I convinced him that his mom would probably be worried. After he left Jared and I were talking about how we felt so sad for this kid. I know kids tend to be a little more free-spirited than adults, but I could tell this kid was desperate for attention not just being free-spirited. I remember being a kid and always checking in with my mom. If we switched houses that we were playing at, I had to run home and tell her. If we were going outside, I had to tell her. I can’t imagine wandering into a strangers house and staying without the concern that my mom would be mad. This poor kid seemed like he needed someone to give him attention.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.10.00 PM

Guilty Pleasures

We all have ‘em, guilty pleasures so why not relieve ourselves and share them with the world?

1. No pants parties. My favorite outfit in the world is a sweatshirt and some underwear. The hardest part of having male roommates was wearing pants. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.

2. Hot tubbin’. I think I’m passed the point of the hot tub being a relaxing every-now-and-again thing. Hello, I’m Miki and I’m addicted to hot tubbing. I think about hot tubbing a lot, everything is better in the hot tub.

3. The F word. I say it a lot. My ultimate goal, is to get people so used to hearing it that it has no shock value left. I feel like I’m getting pretty close to my goal.

4. This music video:

** I don’t like JT’s music, but I will always love him for being a part of this.


5. Snails. Don’t freak out, but I really love when it rains and all the snails come out. I’m not sure where they hide when it’s not raining, but I love to pick them up and let them crawl around my hands. They are such fascinating creatures.

6. The series, “Pulled from the Truth Box” by the blog Single Dad Laughing. If you haven’t read any of the posts in this series, you’re not living. It’s like the confessions in Cosmo, but better. That’s right, it’s better.

7. Watching Party Down South, that cast really isn’t giving Southerns the best reputation for anything except being good drinkers.

8. The Y2Kountry channel on Sirius XM. It’s all the country I listened to when I first started listening to country. It makes me feel like I’m cruising  in my 1995 Green Toyota Corolla headed to a high school football game.

9. Will & Grace. I not only watch it, but I will straight up get comfortable with some popcorn and laugh the entire episode. Jared, on the other hand, leaves the room before the episode starts… whatever, more space on the bed for me to sprawl out!


10. My guilty pleasure #9 leads into this one. Popcorn dipped in ranch dressing. Don’t knock it until you try it, because it’s delicious.


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What are your guilty pleasures?