Thoughts that you need to hear.

I have some thoughts that I am going to share with you.

1. Life is incredibly hard. I listen to stories from my brothers, my grandma, my husband, my mom and of course, my own. It’s hard and I think everyone deserves to know at least that.

2. I haven’t washed my hair in 6 days. I’m not sure if I’m impressed by myself and my hair or just really grossed out.

3. Our carrots that I was SO excited for didn’t survive the heat wave last weekend. Now we only have 3 carrots growing instead of the 60 prior.

4. Shia has a rash on her belly. It’s been there for about 3 weeks and just looks so painful. I spent $60 on “special” dog crème that is supposed to help. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that, but I think everyone expects it from me. I should just own it.

5. This day is far too long.

6. I might be a gangsta.

7. I really love Shakira. I listen to her spanish CD on my way home and scream all the words even though, I am not sure what they are.

8. I am extremely impressed with myself. My mirror was knocked off 2 weeks ago and ON MY OWN I ordered a new mirror and installed it. It’s now my favorite part of my car.

Have a GREAT weekend!!

60 second week

I remember waking up Monday and feeling like there is no way it was only Monday. Now it’s Thursday and I’m kind of amazed that it’s already Thursday. Time can definitely fly on by.

Here’s a my week in 60 seconds (depending on how fast you read)
I have no idea…

I adopted a seahorse and a goby with my dad. Took them to my dad’s so he can be their foster family until my tank is up and ready to have inhabitants. Hopefully next week!

We went golfing. I am still not paying to golf, I just hide a few of my clubs in Jared’s bag. Then I pick and choose what holes I want to play and how accurate I want to play. If I have a really good drive, then I choose not to play anymore because why go out on a bad note? I’m sure this is how the professionals do it too.


We also saw 2 bunnies and 2 deers on the golf course. I tried to catch and cuddle one of the bunnies and it totally tricked me. He let me get about 1 foot away and then took off. I’m pretty sure he actually laughed at me too. I heard a snicker. A bunny snicker.

Jared is taking me on a shopping spree, which he got me as one of my birthday presents. What should I buy? I’m thinking… CLOTHES, obviously. Maybe a hat? I love hats, but I never wear them except vacations. I definitely need a smaller purse that is less stained by gatorade (whoops!) and some new flats.

What’s your week been like?

My dog ate my seahorse.

Since I was in the womb, my dad has had salt water fish tanks. I’m not sure if that first sentence is a lie or not. What I can tell you is that my entire life I’ve always come home to a salt water tank. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to fish stores investigating fish that would like the fish in our tank. We even had a shark egg that hatched at one point. It really is something that has always been a part of me… like skittles.

In high school, my dad had a tank under the real tank where the water filters around and does magical things. I had always wanted a seahorse, but they can’t live in an area with a current – because they really suck at swimming. If there is a current, then they don’t eat. Anyway, I was able to finally fulfill my dream a getting a sea horse with this tank under the real tank since it had no current. I only had the sea horse for a a few days before something crazy happened. My dog ate my seahorse. A little sea horse skeleton was found in my dogs poop.

So needless to say, I’ve been relentlessly hoping for a seahorse since then. I’ve never had the budget or the know-how on how to start up a salt water tank. Luckily my older brother bought me a small 6 gallon nano cube for my birthday to get me started! Then my dad jumped in and has been teaching me how to set up and car for my new best friends.

Then last night, we went and adopted a sea horse and a goby. They have to live at my dad’s for a week, so he can make sure that my tank is going to be 100% safe for them, but in a few days Houdini and Obi Wan Kagobi are coming home and I’ll officially be your friend with the seahorse.Goby
Sea Horse

salt water tank

My tank looks so lonely.

I have a video of Houdini the sea horse on Instagram, you should check it out!



Have you ever wanted an exotic pet?


Here’s to 24!

I finally did it, I turned 24. We decide to celebrate by going up to Bear Lake for the weekend. Bear Lake is a beautiful lake that is about 2 1/2 hours away from Salt Lake City. It is right on the Utah and Idaho border. I haven’t been to the lake since Jared and I first were dating. Back then I went up with my best friend Ellen, but it was like April which meant it was still freezing cold. We went up and hung out in the cabin and went four-wheeling, so this trip was really different.

Bear Lake Utah

I found an awesome cabin online that slept 8. It had 2 bedrooms, a hideaway bed and a pull out couch. Originally we only had about 10 people coming, so we figured we could make it work. Then as last week drug on, more and more people decided to come. We ended up with 16 people. Which meant there were tents pitched on the back lawn. I always have believed in the saying “the more the merrier”, which was absolutely the case for this past weekend. We drove up Friday and hung out with all our friends until the wee hours. Saturday was my birthday, so I woke up to a beautiful day with all my friends giving me hugs and wishing me a “Happy Birthday!” We had 2 friends bring up boats, so we decided to spend the entire day boating. SERIOUSLY, there is nothing better than being on a boat with all your friends. We boated all day long until we were all sufficiently sunburnt and headed back to the cabin. We made dinner, had a fire, played horseshoes, tug balls and tossed a frisbee around under the insane super moon.


If there is such a thing as a perfect birthday this was it. It made me realize how lucky I am to be where I am physically and mentally. I love living so close to all my friends that a last minute trip had 16 people attend! I also love that half the attendees were family, many of my in laws and my brother came up. I love sharing those fun memories with people who will be in your life forever. I suggest that everyone should be born into an awesome family and then marry into an awesome family. It just makes life that much more awesome.

Cheers to being 24!
Girls_BearLake Boating_BearLake BearLake

20 + Mind Blowing Miki Facts!

About Me

Yesterday two people that I adore (meaning I can’t ignore them) tagged me on Facebook to tell 20 facts about myself. I’ve been wanting to do a reintroduction for a while, so I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me more. Since I already share my whole life here, I’m not sure there’s much you don’t know, but I tried to pick some fresh facts!

1. I’m short. All those who know me IRL will obviously know that, but when I met Sierra last week she said she had no idea how short I am. I must have good camera angles!

2. My future dream house will have a greenhouse with 3 separators. In room 1 will be my Green Iguana, in room 2 my red iguana and in room 3 my albino iguana.

3. When I was in middle school my older brother saw a Spider Monkey for sell in a pet store for $1200. We decided we were going to save up and get that monkey! After we had saved up about $50, my mom found out and told us that monkeys fling their poop and we decided we would rather use our $50 on office supplies and candy.

4. I have two brothers. My younger brother is serving an LDS mission in Tennessee. Even though, I don’t share his faith. I think he is an absolutely incredible man and I miss him so much. I drove his truck the other day and cried because it was just like he left it almost 2 years ago.

5. Shia and Indie are my sweet bulldogs. I love them so much that when they fart, I pretend I can’t smell it so they aren’t embarrassed.

6. My super sexy Adam-Levine-look-alike husband and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary next month!

7. I decided to take up golf, so Jared and I could share a hobby. I don’t know if you know this, but golf is a lot harder than you’d expect.

8. I have a small tattoo on my right hip that I got while I was on my senior trip in Mexico.

9. If I’m ever having a bad day then I watch Mother Lover by Lonely Island Boys. It’s hilarious.

10. I loathe grocery shopping. It takes me an entire day for me to convince myself that we actually have to hit up the grocery store.

11. I had to throw away a birds nest about 2 weeks ago. I tried to move it originally, but other birds came and ate the eggs. We’ve let the nest sit while the birds destroyed our grill for 2 years now and we couldn’t handle the mess anymore, plus it’s no fun to sit on a porch that is covered in bird poop. Also, birds will dive bomb your head…

12. In high school, Ellen and I worked together at a Laundromat and we used to turn off the camera’s and dance on the counters.

13. I get severe anxiety when someone is sitting in my assigned seat at the movie theatre. I’m a rule obeyer.

14. My favorite food is Japanese.

15. My least favorite food is Mexican.

16. The thought of beans makes me cringe. I dry heave if they are anywhere near my mouth.

17. I don’t like chocolate. Occasionally I’ll get cravings and eat a snickers or reese’s peanut buttercup and whenever I eat them, I always remember that I hate chocolate.

18. I can’t feel 3 fingers on my right hand and in high school people didn’t believe me, so I’d let them bite my fingers. Now I have random scars on my numb fingers from the bitings.

19. Somewhere back in the 1500’s I had royal ancestors. Sir Lovelace.

20. I love pepperoni pizza with olives. I have a hard time eating plain pepperoni without that olive zest!

#24 I turn 24 on Saturday!!!

What is the MOST interesting fact about you?