How to Assist Your Kids to Combat Separation Anxiety in Schools?

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Once children are diagnosed with separation anxiety disorder, it can possibly harm their academic performance or the capability to attend school. Fortunately, there are some steps you can use to minimize their anxiety and develop a healthy everyday regime for them. Here are the following steps you can consider:

Talk to your kids about anxiety

Let your kids know what anxiety is as you provide a name to their feelings. Though it’s essential to validate the feelings of your child, it’s also crucial to enlighten them about how it could be an issue if there’s no actual reason for those feelings to exist. After you talk to your kid about anxiety, you need to discuss with them why separation anxiety is experienced by an individual.

To start with, allow your kid to know that it’s totally normal for them to find saying goodbye a hard thing to do and it’s common to become anxious to be away from you, particularly if they always have you around. Then, talk about what they feel if they are separated from you—behaviorally, emotionally, and physically) and discuss the reasons why the feelings they feel are avoidable.

Listen to what they say

It’s healthier for your kids to openly speak with you what’s on their mind and what they feel instead of just ignoring them. Also, know that it’s really crucial to let them feel that they are heard. Help them realize that you’re always there for him/her and be empathetic to how they feel, but, you should never baby them. Rather, you should guarantee that they know that the aim of this is to move on about such feelings and never accept them.

Give your kids some coping techniques

Provide your kids with the techniques and tools that will assist them to calm down and do this if they feel anxious. One of the greatest techniques includes physically calming your body. Let your kids know how to be calm as much as possible by relaxing their muscles and breathing by having slow and deep breaths.

Then, formulate a mantra they need to recite themselves when they feel anxious at school, phrases like “I’ll be fine on my own now just as I was before.” Such mantras can affect your kids’ mindset and might help combat anxiety.

Offer a consistent regime

Never undermine what a stable routine can do to the mental state of your child. Predictability can make a comfortable environment for children, particularly a child that suffers from anxiety. When the child knows when and how long they’ll be separated from you, it indicates that they know when they’ll be with you once again. If there are some immediate changes to the regime, make sure to allow your kid to know it in advance so that they can be prepared.

Aid your kid to feel secure and safe at school

Making sure that your kid feels comfortable and safe in child care near me, it could minimize the anxiety of being away from you and home.

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