The Goodnight

There is this band called, The Goodnight. The Goodnight is one of my favorite bands. A few years ago, The Goodnight came to SLC and played a show, that Jared’s band opened for, which was the first time I’d ever heard them. Most of the time with smaller venues, they’ll have 2 or 3 local bands open for the headliners. Over the next two years, Jared’s band ended up opening for them 2 or 3 more times. Jared and I both have always loved and identified with The Goodnight’s music, so we’ve been to each show they’ve played in Salt Lake.

The Goodnight just released a new album, called Owlbum (does it get any cuter?). The first stop for their tour was in gorgeous Salt Lake City. So, on Monday we set out to keep our tradition alive. They were headlining and the show started at 8, Jared and I didn’t show up to the bar till about 9:30 trying to avoid some of the wait time. It felt like there were a million bands that played before The Goodnight and while they were playing, I kept seeing members of The Goodnight walking around the bar. I’ve never known what I would do if I met a celebrity. The one time I sat next to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in a restaurant Park City, the security was pretty tight and they clearly didn’t want to hang out (rude!) so I wasn’t faced with the decision if I should talk to them or not. The Goodnight, on the other hand, they were walking around, getting drinks and talking to people. I wanted to run up and ask them to come over to my house and serenade me to sleep, but I thought that would be too much. I resorted to just lingering in the back playing pool and creepily watching them, keeping tabs on where they were.

Finally The Goodnight took the stage and everyone gravitated right to the front. Jared and I were less than 10 feet from the stage. Shows like that send me into a wonderful reminiscent state. I remember every good things that ever happened to me, I remember all the reasons I love Jared, I start to think about how I want to be passionate and follow my heart. When musicians truly care for their craft, the shows are remarkable. I watched Dan (the lead singer) most of the show. I watched him connect with Jud (the guitarist) and smile when he saw the audience. I think one of the things I love most about Jared is watching him play guitar on stage, that’s his element. I can recognize the bliss he’s feeling. I saw that same reaction with The Goodnight, pure happiness.

After the show was over, it was close to 1am. Jared and I both wake up around 7am for work, so we were pretty exhausted and knew Tuesday was going to be hard, but we stuck around to buy a CD and shirt. As we got to the merchandise table, Dan, the lead singer was there. I had butterflies and didn’t know what to say. He shook our hands, asked our names and in return, we praised the band and expressed how much we love their music. After a minute, Dan looked at Jared and told him he looked familiar. Which then sent Jared to Cloud 9, Dan recognized him from the shows they had played together 5-6 years ago. With that, Jared handed me his camera and told me to take a photo of the two of them. I was still to star struck to ask for a photo myself, next time though. I’ll get one.


What do you think?

Interstellar Movie Review

Interstellar Movie Poster

Lately, our Sundays have been extremely lazy. We stay in our pajamas most of the day, we eat junk food, drip cheese from our nachos on ourselves and closely watch our Fantasy Football leagues while Redzone plays all day long.

Yesterday, my Fantasy Football team was losing and I wasn’t wanting to sit around and take that beating. I decided to convince Jared to go out to the movies. I looked up showtimes near me and saw “Interstellar.”. Jared is obsessed with anything and everything Space. His eyes glaze over in an intense stare whenever he’s watching “How the Universe Was Made” or “Cosmos”. Jared took no convincing, we bought tickets 30 seconds later.

Now, I hadn’t even seen the trailer for Interstellar before buying the tickets. All I knew is it was about space. I didn’t know which actors were in it or what the plot was. I wrongly assumed it would be similar to Gravity. Don’t get me wrong here, I enjoyed Gravity, but now when I see it on HBO I scroll right past with the “been there – seen that” mentality.

Interstellar is 2 hours 59 minutes long. I wasn’t antsy or bored for 1 second during that whole time. In my opinion, what made it so incredible was the plot and way it explained space theories. A lot of the times when Jared listens to a podcast or watched a movie on Space, I zone out, because I can’t follow. It can be so over my head. Interstellar was intriguing, engaging and understandable. It talked through the theories that made the movie interesting while keeping you engaged in a tear-jerking plot. Seriously though, bring some tissues or use your sleeve like I did.

As always Matthew McConaughey gives a dreamy performance. Anne Hathaway is not one of my favorite actors, not even top 50, but the girl delivered! As I see it, there isn’t one reason for you to NOT see this movie. Go on, get out of here!

Have you seen Interstellar? Did you like it as much as I did?

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Distraction of a Camera

Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? If not, I highly suggest watching it. It’s one of those tricky movies. I didn’t think it would be that great, I even fell asleep the first time I watched it, but the second time when I watched it at a decent hour, I loved it. I tend to be attracted to movies that have life lessons hidden behind an intriguing story line and wonderful writing (see also: Big Fish). This past month has been a mix of really HIGH highs and really LOW lows. My little brother came home from serving an LDS mission, we’ve been adjusting to life with him home. Many things have changed in two years and it’s been fun to have Christiaan home to experience life with us, again. My Grandpa Loveless passed away after a quick, terrible fight with cancer and we’ve also been going through an adjustment period of life without grandpa. Family gatherings and making sure my grandma is doing well has been a high priority. Jared was out of town last week and my other grandpa, Grandpa Bob, had a stroke. My Grandpa Bob’s MRI came back and it seems he’s going to be alright. Jared’s back home, which always helps especially during these manic times in my life, where I just need the right person by my side helping me prioritize and giving me a rare unconditional love while I’m a blubbering mess.

While all of this has been happening, I keep remembering a quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where Walter asks this dude why he isn’t taking a photo of a rare animal and his response was “If I like a moment, I mean me, personally. I don’t like to have the distraction of a camera. I just want to stay in it. Right there… right here.” That’s a powerful statement. I am a social media obsessed girl. I love sharing my life, I find a lot of joy in tweeting, instagramming, blogging, snap chatting, getting on Facebook and event the occasional Pinning session. This month has presented so many wonderful, peaceful, hard memories and I’ve found the best way for me to take it all in is to get rid of the distraction. Forget about scheduling posts and photographing everything, forget about all those distractions and just live in the moment.

Walter Mitty Distraction Camera

The Saddest Happy Experience

This past week has been surreal for me. My little brother got home from serving an LDS mission. He was gone for two years, two years without hugging him, two long years with only 4 phone calls, two years with scattered emails each week, two years where he didn’t attend any family parties or sunday dinner. When you add it all up two years is a really long time. Christiaan is less than two years younger than me, he and I are very close. Two years where he wasn’t there was a really tough experience.

Photo Oct 08, 10 39 19 AM Photo Oct 08, 10 39 50 AM

In April, my Grandpa Loveless was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was pretty vicious and had spread quickly. They gave my grandpa 3 -4 months to live, so last week when he was still alive, it was a miracle. We couldn’t believe that my grandpa and Christiaan would have the chance to say goodbye in person, before the cancer inevitably took my incredible grandpa from us.

Christiaan’s flight was set at 10:30am on October 8th. On October 7th, I was making banners to welcome Christiaan home at the airport and trying to sleep through the excitement. I woke up with a knot in my stomach and a few minutes later I found out that my grandpa had passed away. He passed away about 4 hours before Christiaan’s flight landed. We had planned to pick Christiaan up and head to my grandpa’s house, instead we went to lunch and eased Christiaan into the horrific news on such a happy day.

I can’t explain all the feelings I’ve felt over the past week. I’ve cried because I’m incredibly happy and I’ve cried because I’m bursting from sadness, sometimes within hours of each other. I’ve been exhausted and worried. I have slept way too much and yet I still feel exhausted. I’ve hugged Christiaan more time than he probably wants. It’s been a different kind of week for me.

Shia is FOUR!

Photo Oct 05, 10 23 26 PMToday is a very special day. Today is the day Shia L Spinelly was born, of course, at that time her name was Molly and she lived in a really run down mobile home in Idaho. Until she was about 4 months old and for whatever reason she was put on the Classifieds. At that point I enter the picture, I was in a 1 year old relationship and thought to myself what better idea than to get a dog together?

With a large amount of convincing Jared and I were off to meet our little monster. She lived in Twin Falls, Idaho which was about 3 hours away from us. We hopped in the car and off we went. It was dark and snowing when we arrived, we knocked on the door and a man handed us some paper and pointed to a kennel. A little scrawny weird looking dog popped out and I was in love. From that point on Shia has been such a funny, really stubborn member of our family.

For the past 4 years we’ve learned a lot about Shia..
+ If you’re showering and you hear the curtain move, it’s not sexy time, it’s Shia trying to join in on the shower.
+ Shia carries her water bowls all over the house, so if you trip on one, it’s her fault.
+ Sneezing fits are a common occurrence with Shia, she does them if she wants attention or gets really excited.
+ Scratch Shia’s ears and she’ll love you forever.
+ Shia is the last one to wake up, and the first one to fall asleep.
+ Shia’s pee is deadly. She has to pee on bricks or cement, because her pee will kill anything that is living. We’ve replaced our whole front lawn 3 times because of that little pudding cup.
+ Animal planet is always on around our house, Shia loves watching dogs on the TV.
+ Treats are Shia’s one true love.
+ Shia is never allowed human food, her gas is so terrible that you’ll most likely die if she eats one scrap of bacon.
+ Shia is softer than a velvet wall.
+ She occasionally high fives Indie in the face.
+ When all the kids are gone, we take Shia to the park, because she loves the slide. She’ll go down it time and time again.

Shia’s the most perfect 4 year old bulldog in the world. Love you, Shia!

Photo Oct 05, 10 22 40 PMLinked up HERE for Manic Monday