Aug 31, 2010

Rest In Peace

I want everyone to cherish the life they have. Too often is it taken too early. Sadly enough, only then is it that everyone realize's how much you've influenced who they are. It doesn't matter if it was a smile that you brought with you everyday, your mad love for a band or they way you used strut.

There are too many people I have known that lost their lives too soon, recently Broc Kelson left this world. I hope that his family can learn to cope, and knows how much he did for every single person he knew. He was an awesome kid, who did things his own way. He used to bring a spare tire so that he could park in the staff parking lot, get his truck/ bug booted then just change the tire. He really was a character.

Not only did I lose my friend and classmate broc, I also lost Xander (alexander jordan) who was one hell of a guy! He made me laugh more than anyone ever had before, he was so ambitious and ready to go all the time. He was almost done with pilot school (while still in high school) when the week before graduation he was killed in a car accident. He still remains in my thoughts when I get down or can't make it.
- obituary

Of course there was Jordan Jensen, the day he passes I've never seen an ENTIRE school cry. He had made my life so much brighter with his helpful laugh or his positive outlook. I want him to know that I loved him just the way he was, in my eyes he was perfect. I hope he is in a place he can be himself and be accepted among EVERYONE!
- obituary

Also Kade Rosemann. Kade left this earth before any of us could even drive, and that's not right. He also made a whole middle school weep. I remember sitting in front of the TV and balling when they announced his name, then it was official. the next day there wasn't one person who wasn't in black in his memory.
- obituary

Everyone deserves their life, it's a shame when it is taken. All we can do is live after the influence they have embossed in our character.

To my friends,

I love you and I want you to know that during the time you were on this earth you helped shape who I am today.

Rest In Peace

Aug 25, 2010

We're going to the cabin.. and nobody can deny!

I love the G parent DeMann's. They own a sick cabin in Kamas and we go up there to have a good time. I remember last year Jared fell in the mud face first. Maybe that is why I love it so much. He also fell down the stairs when he was trying to go up them yesterday... shhh! he doesn't read my blog so I can tell you that.. my 7 followers! One day I'll be big, I know it!

Oh yes os back to the cabin. Dear lord, please give me a sense of direction in the next few years. Jared and I went through Provo Canyon to get to Kamas and got lost and somehow stuck in a parade! An hour later we find our way out, by asking some locals who probably bake their own break and make their own teeth out of wood.

We come around the mountains, aside the river, and through the woods to Kamas we go! Mary and Bryce are up there waiting for us with elsie and colt. We decide to make a night out it, roasting marshmallows over the fire instead of the stove (mary and i have been doing that a lot this summer). We go to bed and dream the night away. While Colty was laying next to Bryce, he couldn't sleep so he was rubbing Bryce's back and trying to hug his little arms all around his dad. It was the cutest thing ever! I love those small humans.

next we go fishing in the morning. Oh the joys! We didn't catch any fish, but we did catch sight of a moose! A REAL MOOSE! I never have seen one so Elsie and I were really excited! Also bryce stepped in a huge nice and fresh cow patty (poop). It was all over his nasty shoes, that he later washed, because they stunk!

Anyway our day was cut short because we were sleepy.

Aug 7, 2010

some scary spalunking

Tonight Jared and I decided we were going to go Urban Spalunking, little did we know how terrifying that really is! The weather is a down pour, and we have 2 little flash lights.. so we start our adventure wandering around Draper to find houses we can go through that are under construction...

We pull up to this creepy house and we start walking toward it. As soon as we step on the property a huge thunder rumbles. It shakes us right off our feet. Then we started hearing howling, and noticed that it was raining even harder. Each step we take the thunder rumbles louder and louder. I turn to my man for some sense of security, because I am about ready to pee myself. He looks at me and says I am way freaked out. Which in turn freaked me the EFF out! So we bail. We run right back to the cozy car and come home! We then decided to watch dad camp and see how people with lame lives make us love ours so much more.

Oh PS who watches teen mom?? I love so much that it is back on, I love maci and I hope her D-bag ex gets what he deserves for being such a dumb witted, small brained cowardly mongoose!

P.S.S. what are we doing for Friday the 13th? anyone want to slaughter a black cat?

P.S.S.S. Does anyone know where I can get a black cat, who is on death row??

Aug 2, 2010

new computer!

my first picture on my webcam..
I wish I could tell everyone how much I love apple, I wish I could tell mr. wozniak and mr. jobbs how much I love them for creating MAC computer. To you both, I sincerely love you and hope you make the best of your lives, as you have made mine so wonderful.

I just got a 15" macbook pro, it's silver and my first mac (outside of work) I also love steve, for letting me buy this wonderful computer for only $900!

I love my life!

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